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Previous industry consolidation has resulted in a 40.9% reduction in the play of songs by some female artists.*

*Consolidation hurts diversity:

Historically, consolidation has had a devastating impact of diversity on radio airwaves. In 2011, Cumulus bought Citadel – including a number of AM/FM country music stations. In 2010, before the sale, these country stations played 643 songs performed by female artists. By 2014 that number was down to 380. Consolidation means fewer decision makers which means the people who determine what we get to listen to have enormous power to exclude certain voice from the airwaves. When those decision makers have no ties to the community, it’s our voices that are lost in the shuffle.

Radio at Risk

This isn’t just about massive broadcasters adding one or two more stations in the biggest media markets in the country. If the FCC weakens the Local Radio Station Ownership Rule, local radio in every market in the country is at risk. An individual broadcaster would be able to buy up or crowd out local stations, eliminating competition and diversity. While the map below shows the media markets most at risk, in reality, every community is part of some media market. No matter where you live, this will impact you. If the FCC changes the ownership rule, truly local radio could become a thing of the past.

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  • At risk for greater radio consolidation
  • At risk of monopoly radio control
  • Subject to monopoly control over their markets

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